LGA RWY22 Arrivals. 2/29/17-3/14/17

Southwest 737-7 from ATL.

R-22 (ferrying) from Downtown Manhattan Heliport to HPN, this is odd as they typically use Bell helicopters when ferrying, (N401TD I believe)!

JetBlue A320 (Barcode, N632JB) From FLL.

United 737-800 (bad quality, I know ;/) from ORD.

Delta MD–80, from either TPA or MCO. (also bad quality).

Another United/American 737, this time, from HOU (In the case it’s AAL, its DFW).

Gorgeous DAL CRJ from SAV!

I’ll be sure to upload more once I get them on my camera. Speaking of which, I use a Nikon D90, and in this case, with an 18-105 MM lense ;)

Sorry about the mistakes, they should be fixed now…


Kevin, doing that 22 arrival spotting ;) Me gusta.

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I’m going to get over to HPN and get some JBU’s in all their glory.


It looks like a Delta MD-88 to me. ;)

I think this one is an American 737-800.

Nonetheless, nice pictures!


You could be right. I just have very basic info down for them. Aircraft type (sometimes), where they’re from, along those lines ;)


That United 737 is an American btw, learn your planes nerd <3


It’s a hard job I’m doing out there. After the 18th 737, my mind started to spin, lol


Nice eye. You got me. DAL maddog.

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On a side note, how’d you like that weather. We go from a blizzard to 42 degree weather in a day. Gotta love NY

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Oh god. Love it. Especially when you have to take the pooch out a 4 A.M and she can’t use the bathroom because the snow’s too deep.

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I’ll take the occasional pic at KEWR seeing that I work there, but from the inside, I ain’t walking outside to freeze to death for a pic

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It’s a United dominated airport. You should come to JFK for some real diversity :)

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It’s an international airport haha. It’s not all United. Although I do work in the United Terminal. JFK, however, is also great

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Another correction, last photo is a Crj-900, but not a maddog, tell by the engines.

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…and the winglets. Try using a tracker while your spotting so it’s easier for you to know what’s coming in. That’s what I do at JFK ;)


Yea, I did use a tracker, but lost most of the info on the aircraft and route when transferring the photos…


Get a 70-300 lense. Will be much better for your situation.

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Yea, may or may not have one already, just put whatever I could find on.

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Please use the full 737-700 name. By using 737-7, you refer to the B737-7 MAX airliner. Which by the way, isn’t built yet.

People know what I’m talking about. [quote=“Lamborghini_Life, post:19, topic:104330”]
Which by the way, isn’t built yet

That’s how they know.