LGA Plane Spotting Dec 8 2018 | A Special Visitor!


Today I had the chance to stop by Planeview Park and did some plane spotting. Although, the pictures are not super good, I thought they would be worth sharing - you’ll be surprised by what I spotted!

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5 (75-300mm lens)

JetBlue A320 pushing back

JetBlue A320 exiting the runway


And lastly what a catch this was. Air Force 2 at LaGuardia? Also some private jets. What kind of world is this?

Thanks for checking out my photos!


Those SWA shots. 😍😍😍


I see you caught some rare 22 Departures

Nice shots!

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Luv the southwest!

Pun intended

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They were also landing on runway 22.

Indeed they were! I just scrolled back through time and figured you got a shot of WN3215 headed to Nashville.

Very interesting to see KLGA doing Runway 22 departures earlier today. The last time I’ve seen this happen is a solid 8-9 months ago.

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I know right, it is really rare.

That second to last SWA shot is just sick! Some perfect lighting

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I thought the swa was a 787 at first oof.

Anyways great photos

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You can improve your pics by editing them!


Youre right, I’ve done that in the past but they did not turn out too well. I will edit a bit in the future though.

You got some nice shots there buddy. I was in Astoria buying some coffee and saw some beautiful and rare runway 22 departures. I have to agree with @Cbro4, those SWA shots are glorious!

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Forgot about these! Delta A321 rotating!

Thanks Lucas for the kind words!


Great pics mate!

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Thank you kind citizen!

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take It from a photographer… the shots are amazing!

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Amazing photos!

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