LGA Photos-Trump 757, Delta MD-88

Nearly out of new material. Haven’t been out since November 7th and that didn’t turn out well. Two unpublished photos from then:




You never fail to impress in your spotting and photography skills. Good show!

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Wow good catch of trump force 1!

Wonder what will happen to that 757 if he becomes president…

He might replace AF1 with it. Equip it with heat seeking missles, miniguns and stuff like that.

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If that moron becomes president them I’m moving planet.


To England!

@masonh2479 @Nick_Catalano Thank you :)

@The_simulation_nerd There are one or two a net threads on this out there. They’ve been lost to time but if you can find them, I remember it said it’ll go to his family or whatever is left of it

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