LGA Fly-Out Aftermath

Woke up this morning like I had recently been to a party… WAIT!!! Yesterday was a party indeed. The LGA Flyout was awesome. Lots of pilots, fun pictures, Iconic moments (No one stalled I promise cough cough @Jaylan_Brown) Things are back to normal after a spectacular event and a wonderful flight

Flight Details

Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A321-200
Origin: LaGuardia Airport (NewYork, NY) 🇺🇸
Destination: Fort-Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl Airport (Fort-Lauderdale, FL) 🇺🇸
Flight Time: 2hours 51minutes 🕒

The American Virtual Crew reving up those engines to meet Delta VA at Fort-Lauderdale 👀

The guys at Delta Virtual preping the flight deck for takeoff💪🏽

Friendly Rivalry begins with @Esaacc999 getting things started🔥

DLVA292 rot-…(Hey thats me)-ating of Runway 31 with the AA crew in back 👋🏽

”Ladies and Gentlemen on behalf of Delta welcome to Fort-Lauderdale” 🌴

My fellow @DeltaVirtual Pals out here representing and finishing likes its done😎

And fellow @AmericanVirtual not letting there guard down representing as well👌🏽💯

”Thanks to all those again who atteneded! We appreciate all of you. Let me know which photos where your favorite…

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@NoahM Preciate that didnt get the option to put in screenshots and videos😕

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No problem, i probably shouldn’t have done it tho, still salty about when you beat me to a response earlier today 😉

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Hahaha aye you got your revenge 😜

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great pics broo🙌

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Thx bro your there 🤩😏😉

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You got me in the alley with the A321, actually starting up like the description says, in that first picture 🥰

Thanks for hosting Kevin!

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Nice pics bro
But come on
That stall on takeoff was a one time thing 😅😂🤣

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Hahaha was it or was it two😏🤣🤣

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Thx bro appreciate it :)

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Hahah I knew it! I was gonna tag you too🤩
Thx for coming @ktaviation and it was an awesome one🥰

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It was only one 😡😂🤣🤣

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Idk I counted two😬😂😂😂

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