LGA aircraft limitation

As much as I love LGA and use to enjoy seeing the delta 767 do it’s dance I think anything bigger than a 767 should be prohibited at LGA. 747s taking 2 mins to line up and tAkeoff and A380s taxiing through terminals is a bit overkill for such a nostalgic airport.

Banning the following aircraft due to size would be awesome.

Space shuttle

Just a suggestion…


Yes but Space Shuttle takeoff could be limited to maybe a 200 ft square. 😀


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** :disappointed_relieved: i guess B747,A380 & B777 would be a bit much…**

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I totally agree, however, an A330 will be able to make it

Happy Landings


The Airbus A330 could certainly make it into LGA. However, it wouldn’t happen in real life. It’s physically too big for the airport to handle and even though I suppose you technically could fly in an A330-200 into the airport way below MTOW, it couldn’t park at a gate (Too big again). If you’re going for the fun of it, allow A330s in. If you’re going for realism (As the OP suggests), ban A330s from LGA.

If you want to fly a widebody in, I suggest the Boeing 763 (The 764/DC-10 has yet to be added-Fingers crossed on the DC-10). A380 at LGA? Forget about itt!

Best, Boeing707

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We rarely get 767’s into lga now a days usually only used on or after an IROP. When they take off and land they certainly eat up most of the runway

AFAIK there is no scheduled Boeing 767 service into LGA. They venture into little laguardia when they need to substitute equipment or as you stated @Deltajets.

DL used to fly light Boeing 767-400ERs from ATL-LGA-ATL and even earlier, L-1011s.

UA, AA, CO, and PA all flew DC-10s into LGA. UA flew their DC-10s to DEN and ORD (Not 100% sure about ORD). DL probably flew DC-10s into LGA at some point.

EA flew TriStars into LGA and MAYBE flew A300s into LGA.


If you want, go google some more pics of DC-10s at LGA but UA and AA are the first two to pop to mind.

Now that I said everything above, since we have seen the majestic and huge DC-10 at LGA, that goes to show how rare the 767 is at LGA because it is even bigger than the DC-10.

SO DON’T FLY ANY 747s, 777s, OR A380s INTO LGA!!!

Best, Boeing707


LGA’s runways are long enough for handle the B747, not sure about the A380…

True. But there’s some rule in aviation stating that the a/c must be able to take off on 60% of the runway at MTOW (Something like that).

Best, Boeing707

Not sure how wide the runways at LGA are but you don’t want your big ol honking engines 1 and 4 hanging out over the grass and dirt kicking it all around. You know what planes I’m talking about.


A380 airport requirements:

Ok folks. Let’s settle this once and for all.


Airbus A330-200F
Airbus A330-300
Airbus A340-600
Airbus A380-800
Boeing 747-100SCA
Boeing 747SP SOFIA
Boeing VC-25
Boeing 747-200
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 747-8 (Boeing 747-8F)
Boeing 777F
Boeing 777-200ER (And Boeing 777-200 and Boeing 777-200LR)
Boeing 777-300ER (And Boeing 777-300)
Boeing 787-9

. Case closed.

Best, Boeing707


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