LFSB - LXGB with Comlux 777

Continuing with my flights around the world with the Crystal Air Cruises Boeing 777 (currently operated by Comlux Aruba) we landed in Gibraltar. We take off from an airport known as “EuroAirport” because it serves the regions of Basel in Switzerland, Mulhouse in France and Freiburg in Germany.

What is your favorite photo?


Great Pictures Man! All of them look really good!😄

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All the pictures are very nice pictures!! But my favorite photo is 10th picture😄👍

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I did not know this
All of the photos look really good!


What on earth. Never seen anyone try a 777 at Gibraltar!

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777 at GIB 😵💫


Mountains are amazing all day

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Jajajajaja in Comlux we have no limits, where they ask us to be there!