LFPV --> LFRB, Historic Flight

  1. Those of you who know me best can attest I love large group flights! However, tonight was had a rather light aircraft presence. Today was a special moment as my girlfriend and I have completed our first ever flight together (LFPV–>LFRB)! We have always wanted to take a trip to France and we were even gearing up for one. However, due to circumstances with the world pandemic this could not come to fruition before the start of the next semester. With med school around the corner for me and teaching for her; we are about to head into the next chapter of our lives and will certainly have reduced free time.

She knows I love this game and has tried it on my phone a couple times, she jokingly said “what if we took a game flight together to France?” So we grabbed her a membership and started in our own version of IF flight school! Well, after a few crash landings, vertical takeoffs, and numerous stalls she got the hang of it, heck I would even say she will pass me up soon!

I know this is far from the real thing but it gave us both something to laugh at and remember for times to come. I believe this is what the IF simulator and community is at its core a: place to belong. I am so happy for this unexpected experience and so grateful for all of you.

I posted a few pictures to commemorate this historic session. :)

  1. (LFPV --> LFRB), 3:40Z, Airbus A321-200 British Airways, Casual Server

  2. ![InfiniteFlight_2020-04-04-04-17-50|830x383]




So good how you guys, flew right beside each other the whole time, was there a cruising altitude and flight plan? Just curious to know

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Yes sorry forgot to share that. Cruising altitude was at FL280. As far as flight plan we did LFPV, DITAL, GALBO, GILRA, EKRAS, DINIP, DIRGO, ODIMI, BADUR, RO405, SOPEX, RJ403, BODIL, LFRB

Oh ok, did you use Nav mode, because it’s hard to stay beside somebody when using Nav mode

Yes actually we did, I took it off for a bit here and there to get pics like this. Just changed heading a slight bit and went 10kts faster to get beside her. However, yes for the majority of the flight we did.

I really have to do this with my wife sometimes, as she has similar interest as well, anyway… Great shot there bud!

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Thanks and it is actually really relaxing and fun 10/10 trip advisor, haha!

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