@LFPO spotting session

Hey, I want to show you some pic that I took today in Paris Orly.


your favourite picture

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nice pictures

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That a350 is just 😍


The Air Algerie 737 tho…

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What lens did you use?

I use a Lumix without lens, but I would like to change it soon… ;)



click here


Ah, good to know. Do you know of any places to spot at CDG? I will be visiting during the summer.

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This is a wonderful series 👌

Isn’t it too hard to get an authorisation letter?

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No, I don’t. CDG is not a good place for spotters. I have the autorisation but I didn’t spot at CDG yet. The best place in Paris is Orly

No it’s not difficult if you are frenchbut if you are not french it’s more difficult (terorism, industrial spying…)

Do you need a permit for Paris-Orly?

Very sharp!

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2 & 7 should be on JetPhotos! Great work!!

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Oh then that will be easy I guess. Waiting to get a nice lens and I’ll go to France do some Spotting

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No you don’t need to have an permit

speedbird 777 and westjet 767 at yyz ya I get that close because I wrk here lol

Very cool !!!👍

Thanks for all your messages ;)

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