LFPG Shots [Very Edited]

A-10 finishing a training flight landing into CDG

AirBaltic Q400 descending into Paris

Air France A320 just seconds before touching down

Air France B777-300ER (Skyteam) at the gate


Really like your editing style. Keep it up!


Defiantly over edited, but they look amazing. Keep them coming!


I loose the will to live with edits when the actual image itself becomes damaged from the editing 🤷

Each to their own I suppose 🙃


this is just amazing keep up the good work!

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From my point of view, all you’re doing is blasting the saturation and colours. It doesn’t look good. Take what I say with a grain of salt.

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Thank you!

Which is why I put ‘[Very Edited]’ in the title, and it is art in my opinion. The colors make things pop out that you wouldn’t see in the original pic. But I shall take note, and if you’ve seen my latest topic, you can tell that I didn’t do it as much. 😉👌

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That second shot is absolutely amazing.

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Thanks! I got inspiration off one of the pre-global pics in the AppStore!

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