LFPG Service

Hello there! I am sorry if you were a plane inbound LFPG at around 16:15Z, I apologize! I opened Tower frequency and later the Approach controller left so I was left with 20+ planes! I’d receive heaps of messages, maybe 10 every 30secs! I hate when this happens! Again I apologize for the service you got! I hope you understand!

Matthew Swift


No problem. That happened to me the other day in Dubai😅

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Not a problem, IFATC is a team and sometimes you have gotta ask for help. Remember to take Hubs slowly, start at times of the day that are not as busy (aka: not rush hour for all us brits) remember building up is sensible and it is always understandable if you deliver a bad service. IF deals with unseen of amount of traffic and all you can do is try your best.

Good luck with your next session Matthew!
Cign :)


Thanks Cign! Appreciate it!

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