LFPG RWY 26L/R not displaying

Good afternoon,

I have a problem with Paris CDG’s runway 26L/R. Each time I try to land on 26L, it does not propose me it’s ILS! It gives me all the ILS approaches available at CDG but not for RWY 26L/R…

Does this happen only to me?

Device: IPhone6+
Mode: Solo

Thanks :)

Do you happen to have a screenshot of the problem?

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Sorry, my question is maybe not very clear:

So I flew between LFOA and LFPG this evening in Air France’s 772.

Here is my flight plan. As you can see, I am expecting ILS Approach RWY 26R (I know that we never land on 26R but always on 26L. I chose this runway just for the test).

Detailed view of my approach and my waypoints.

At Cruise Level (FL160), I try to tune RWY 26R’s frequency but it is not in the list.

I have now started my descent - RWY 26R is still not in the list.

I am now going to intercept the LOC and GS so I try again to tune the frequency…

But it is still not displayed in the list!

–> Diversion to RWY 27R.


This is because the list can’t display more than six ILS approaches, CDG has eight.
Solution: do not “Lock” an approach, once you are close enough you will display it automatically.

So you can’t land without ILS? :P

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Haha thanks Laurens, I appreciate :)

I always prefer an ILS APPR, reduces the work load. I think I will take CDG’s charts and fly it manually by comparing my distance with the RWY threshold.

I have already landed manually, without locking any approach. 26L/R was still not in the list. Does it work for you?

A little bit busy this evening, will try tomorrow :)

Thanks Laurens,

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If you have CDG as last “waypoint” in your FPL you will never display 26L/R.
It will appear automatically in the rectangle (not in the list) once you are close enough.

Ok perfect, thanks.