LFPG-KATL // Airbus A350-900 // Delta Airlines || KIND-KATL // Boeing B737-800 // Southwest Airlines

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So lets get to the screenshots for todays flights!

So first we have LFPG-KATL in the A350 Delta Airlines!

Flight Details

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 9 hours
 Plane: Airbus A350-900 (Delta Airlines

@Andy_R (A-MR1) and Air France 345 at the terminal, with a 787 Vietnam Airlines in the background!

A-NR1 taxiing to runway 09R, while a B787 Vietnam Airlines in the background.

A-NR1 blasting out of CDG!

A-NR1 and @Ecoops123 (Air France 688 Super) parallel landing!

A-NR1 at the terminal and a A330 Delta Airlines!

So for the second flight we have from KIND to KATL with @Boeing757 (JA757), in the B737-800 Southwest Airlines!

Flight Details

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 1 hour and 20
 Plane: Boeing B737-800 (Southwest 
 Airlines Livery)

A-NR1 and JA757 at the terminal.

A-NR1 blasting out of IND, while JA757 is lining up runway 5R!

A-NR1 touchdown at ATL, while @IFPHG_Elite-JPL (Philippines 225) in the background!

A-NR1, JA757, Philippines 225, and Southwest 236 at the terminal!

Tailshots at the ramp!

That’s all for today folks! Let me know which was your favorite, what I can improve on or what you’d like to see me do next.

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Nice to see someone go for indianapolis


Yep a very nice airport!

Nice pics. I saw you land at Atlanta

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Thank you soo much @FlyAndCrash, how was my landing 😂

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I mean I didn’t actually see it but I was looking on the map and saw when you were on the runway 😂

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Also how was Atlanta when landing there twice

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Hmm ok lol, Im sure I buttered it 😂

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It was very nice, I really love the layout of the airport!

Woooow! You’re always killing it with the posts!

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click nice.

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Nice One! 🔥🔥🔥

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Thank you soo much @Lawin_S!

Thank you soo much @InfiniteFlight_Shots, that pic is my favorite 😍

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Great pics as always! Thanks for the thanks!

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Thank you soo much @Marcel001, My pleasure!

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Really amazing pictures bud! Loved your destinations and pictures :)

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Thank you soo much Bud!

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Ayy ty for tag v epic photos

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Thank you soo much @ewoharg4!