LFPG - CDG Roissy @ NOV24

Pictures are out of focus, I use a lens that is broken at the focus part.
LFPG - CDG Roissy @ NOV24
Got a lot of the planes I wanted to take a picture of yesterday!

Air France - A318

Air France - A330

Air France - B777-300ER

Flybe - Dash 8

Aeromexico - 787

Air France - 787

Korean Air - A380


You guys are lucky at Paris

I wish we had that much heavy at Geneva :o


We do get a lot of heavy over here! But I most often position myself on the opposite runway where the small planes land (like Easyjet, Flybe etc). But we sometimes manage to catch those ones! Thank you for the advice and I should be getting some 150-600mm lenses really soon so my picture quality should improve! :smiley:


Nice plane spotting keep up the good work😁

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the 150-600 😍
I currently spot with a 18-105mm lol


Hey, thank you very much!

@Q-ENAN it shouldn’t be that bad if you can get really close to the runway! c:


Yeah that’s not bad at all


That is a really amazing picture, they are way better than mine! :)

nice pictures @CptnLuke :)

Thank you! :)

It would be nicer if your camera would be more focused, but I see it is broken, which would improve it more. The weather must have been at least really good in Paris. I hope you enjoyed and nice shot! 👍

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Yeah I find it unfortunate that I can’t get better quality. The Korean Air was pictured at 5PM and it was almost night time. But I do agree, having well functioning lenses would be better.

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