LFPG 08R Enough for An A380?

I’m currently approaching LFPG on Qatar Airways A380 coming from a 6hr flight from Doha, anyways, Is runway 08R enough for an A380 to land? It looks small to me.

I would change to 08L. You don’t wanna risk overriding the runway after a 6hour flight.


All 4 runways at LFPG are capable for the A380, don’t worry :)


Thanks, but I did try to change the runway, but the ATC told me to follow Instructions or else I’ll be ghosted! It looks small for an A380.

Great, Thanks! :)

You’ll be fine on any of them. Hit the TDZ in the sweet spot, deploy reverse thrust once the main gear is down and you are good to go.


Great. :) Thanks!!

I can say that I’ve landed on all these runways at some point with Thai A380 after a Long Haul from Bangkok. Still felt like the aircraft was a bit heavy but have manged to land on both the shorter ones as well as the longer ones, with success, no issues, vacated as usual with much of the runway to spare, all went fine :)

You should be fine with whichever you are told to land at 🛬

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You should always check the runway lengths prior to approaching the field if you’re unsure.

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I’ve read the public ATC instructions, and it seems like IFATC have to do extensive analysis of an airport before controlling, so i think you’re good

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Here’s a confidence booster


Alright :) Thank you so much!

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Thanks! :)

Remember that you can always go-around if you don’t feel safe for landing and try again. But I wish you the best of luck. You can do it :)

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Thanks. :) I landed safely on runway 08R, used like 90% of the runway ;) flared for like 5 seconds before touch down. ;) It was Fun!!


You see, you did a great job. Now you know that landing a A380 at LFPG is simple, fun and it works :)

If you ever feel uneasy or unsafe, do watch the video @Levet posted to boost up your confidence and know that the A380 can land at various short runways, but don’t go for too short of runways… ;)

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Yep you’re absolutely right.! Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate It.


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No worries, happy to help and glad that you were to land safely :)

Have a great day!

Have a great day too. :)

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