LFPB ILS approach bug

Wrong heading assignment. When I’m on final this displayed the wrong heading. Should be around 250 but this showed 270.

iPad 3
Latest update


It happens :p.

good catch!!

What do you mean by

From your picture it looks like the heading is very close to 250 and you are lined up with the runway and GPS.

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his actual heading is 248 but the gps says that runway heading is 270

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Oh I see now. It says it’s an ILS approach… I’ll look into this


Thanks Sean

I said is GPS approach because in the single player screen it doesn’t have the ILS freq, you might want to look into that too

Same problem here:

2 deg. difference on an ILS approach is a lot. Please check this.

To me it looks like you are 2° off, you can lock HUD to runway heading but your plane slightly off to me, check the YOKE is not centred. You are on +2°, if you move slight to left will that be 184°?

Ok Farid, will check that but I was perfectly aligned with the LOC with a HDG of 186deg.
When I took it to 184, the plane was no more following LOC signals :))

But I will still check it again. Anyway, I will fly back to CDG so I will try to take-off from RWY 19!

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Hey Farid,

I didn’t check it yet but I have the airport chart:


You can see that RWY 19’s QFU is 186, not 184.


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Ok now got you, I thought you are talking about you lined up centre and your radial showing 2° off. Wrong approach course related to actual chart. You are right about it. (A proof helps a little) kudos.

Not fixed in the latest update


A bit late, been busy. But this should be fixed now:

Let me know if anyone still has this issue.

The chart’s been updated. :)

My device is still showing this issue.
iPad Mini 4 iOS 11 Developer Beta 2 Update 1

It will be fixed in the next update, Liam.

Yeah. Having APPR on Rwy25 sets you down in the grass to the right side of the rwy. Henrik is looking into it :)

There is no ILS for runway 25 at LFPB, and the LOC/VOR approach heading is 275 in order to avoid LFPG. So the approach heading should be even more offset. At roughly 900ft, there is a left-hand turn to short final.

This is not an issue, in fact the LOC should be even more offset.