LFOZ Runway Numbering Issue

I was going and doing a few takeoffs in some of Paris’s airports and I spotted an issue with one of the Asphalt runways:

This side is the side that’s named (Runway 23) in the selection menu

This is the other side (Runway 05)

#Steps to reproduce
1.Open Infinite Flight
2.Go to Fly Solo
3.Go to the airport selection and select the Paris region
4.Select LFOZ (Orleans Saint Dennis) Runway 05/Runway 23 takeoff
5.Select Fly
6.Check it out

Apple iPhone 6
iOS 10.1.1


Had the same issue last night during FNF. I forgot to post it, though.

I actually found it out when I was taking pictures to advertise the Cargo FNF on Instagram. (I never posted the pics)

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Also the RWY 05 that looks like RWY 56 LoL! That doesn’t even make sense!

I’ll look into it. Thanks for the report.

Duplicate runway removed

As found


Not the only one, there’s an airport that goes by EBRX, small, redundant, even a 172 can’t land there runway numbering also overlapping.

Sorry but EBRX does not exist. Please let me know the correct ID

EHBX is a helipad

Oh yes EHBX oops! Redundant airport tho

Wow that runway’s heading is 560 never heard of that

This entry will be removed in future airport releases.

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