LFMD needs fixing

I know that I have been posting a few topics regarding airports that need to be fixed but I keep on stumbling on airports that desperatley need fixing. Here we have LFMD Cannes Mandelieu.
The main problem is that the airport still has the old parking stands.

This is Infinite Flight

And this is real life. If you look closely you are able to see the traces of the old parking spaces. So basically, the old stands need to be removed and the new ones should be added. We also need the stand numbers to be changed.

If you compare this to the previous picture, you can clearly see the stands have the wrong numbers.
I hope that someone can get their hands on this little airport as it is very fun to fly into. I just love the approach on runway 35!

Airports will be updated over time!

We do have someone basing themselves over Spain. Maybe they’ll visit this airport sometime!

When you say over time, do you mean like soon? Because I want to fly to LFMD but it isn’t fun if the airport isn’t reworked. If this could at least be reported to the IFAET that would be great.

IFAET don’t take suggestions, it’ll probably be reworked later when someone wants and has time to fix it…

LFMD was last worked in December, I doubt it’ll be reworked soonish. It may be looked into, who knows. 🤷‍♂️

Like many other IF-related organizations, the members of IFAET are all volunteers and they dedicate their time based on their lives. If IFAET have the time to do it, they’ll do it. Unfortunately, they might not have time immediately, but maybe in the future!

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But I know that the IFAET has a list of airports that need editing so that the editors can choose what airport they want to edit. I just want to make sure that LFMD is added to that list.

Also we don’t generally ‘report’ things unless a fairly newly edited airport has a glitch on it.

Cool. Come and do the airport yourself since we don’t take suggestions :)

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We don’t have a ‘list’.

The real ins and outs, are airports that we decide by ourselves. Some areas are promoted by editors in the #thirdparty:developer topic. A ‘list’ is usually looked at some point, or just jotted down on a piece of paper by a supervisor or the airport editor of that airport and gets fixed when they have the time and will.

But I want to make sure that the IFAET is aware that this airport needs fixing.

…As well as the other 30,000+.

Why not join us and contribute? All you need is a simple PC?

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Bottom line is that there are thousands of airports out there that need everything from simple changes to complete reworks going from 3 to 50 spawn points from the initial global release.

The IFAET work as a team and they are all free to work on what they choose. Some may choose smaller airports, some larger, some more complex, some easier. Airport editing takes a lot of patience, skill, attention to detail, and mainly time.

There is no tracking list of airports to be reworked because in all honesty people could find something with every airport out there and its just not feasible.

From time to time the editing team will post asking for suggestions or what area to focus on. You are welcome to reply to their inquiries. Otherwise just be patient and airports will be worked as time goes on. The alternative is to join the team and edit the airport yourself. It is a fun and rewarding experience.

Hope this helps.


But when I posted my topics for other airports that needed fixing people said it was going to be fixed. I don’t see why this can’t be the case with this airport.

It was because they were bugs:

Not layered correctly.

This is a general airport update than an actual bug from recently edited airports.

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But I think it’s a problem since if the airport was only reworked in December, it should look just like IRL. Airports don’t change in a matter of weeks. I have noticed this issue before December too.

If you wouldn’t mind, we’d be happy to discuss this and similar matters with you further in a PM with @airportediting.