LFLR airport problems

Please tell me if this is the right category.
I was looking at airports in France today and I found St. Rambert D’albon. (LFLR) However, I noticed two problems with it. The first is that when you look at the information, it says St_Rambert_D’albon instead of just using spaces. Also, one of the three spawning points is titled “aeroclub” without capital letters. I genuinely do not want to sound like the grammar police or anything, please don’t take it that way, I just noticed it and though it might need to be fixed.


This is a job for the Airport Editing Team (IFAET) to do. Hopefully someone sees this and works on the airport name to correct it. It does seem wrong though.


Yeah that is what I am hoping for.

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It’s a typical auto generated airport 😕

Yeah it’s weird tho, I’ve never seen one with those underscores for the name

I have removed the underscores and Capital the Aeroclub.
But still a authen airport.



Awesome, that was much quicker than I thought it would be :)

Should take effect with next airport update cycle, but might take time to over next.

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Thanks Tom!