LFHM - Megeve airfield parking

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if the Megeve airfield (LFHM) could be improved?

Because it’s a famous airport in french alps and it doesn’t have any ramp.

Also when we spawn here, we start with the engine on which is shame.
Thanks for have read this features,
Have a good day.

That will be up to the Airport Editing Team.

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Hello Paul!

The airport editing team functions in a way that those who want to work on an airport can work on it.

Basically, this means an editor will rework this when he wants to.

But you can join the team yourself if you want, and edit it!

Here are more details:


Ok thanks @Dylan_M ;)

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Ok @Moonlit it’s interesting, i’m gonna look at this
Thank you ;)

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