LFBO hole in taxiway

Not too sure where to put bug reports, but just to let everyone know that there’s a hole in the floor at LFBO, and not to taxi into it.

iPhone 6S, running iOS 11 non-jailbroken.


Would appreciate if the mods would let the devs know about this :)

EDIT: this was after respawning, I crashed the first time and came back to take screenshots. I’ll try restarting my device again later after I land to make sure that it’s not my phone’s problem, but I assume since the terrain is all streamed it’s not my side’s problem?


This is a terrain loading issue

You just have to check your connection

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According to the game, my connection is perfectly fine, as seen in the top right. I’ve had issues with connection before (namely when Global first came out), and the airport wouldn’t load but the terrain level would load just fine.

I could be wrong however, I’ll go back and check again later.

Do you mean it could be an airport editing issue, or generally must there be a hole?

Could you provide a google earth screenshot of the airport.

According to your pictures and the location, I am pretty sure that this hole must be there.
You have to know that holes between taxiways are also so in the real world.

I fell through the taxiway.

According to http://ottomanva.com/lib/charts/LFBO.pdf, the hole is at around the area between aprons W30 and S30.

Plane falls though ground again...C9451091-D9D9-43AA-B778-201D2BADFA93

Do you mean something like this?

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The rest of the airport loads fine, it’s just that little bit that’s missing. I haven’t tried the load somewhere else and go back trick though, corrupt memory could be the problem.

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Try to reinstall the app

Also is your problem solved?

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I took off from another taxiway, still in flight but once I land in about 40 min I’ll try your method and see if it solves anything.

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No hole for me, just check your connection

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SOLVED: memory problem with corrupt terrain for that specific portion of the map only, thanks everyone!

EDIT: theres no specific response that solves the problem, but Tl;dr

Just restart your device to clear the memory data of that airport AND check your connection, problem should be solved.