Lexington to Washington D.C l AirTran Flight 386 l OCT 28 2005

Here we continue on leg 2 to Washington DC With a stopover at Lexington by a CRJ-200 which took off from Detroit metro, and here fly is a 5-4 year old Boeing 717-200 in 2005 which is the year this topic takes place in and also a better camera quality from last time


Boeing 717-200

It was pretty drizzle rain when we taxi

Taken off from runway 4 this evening

In the same window view of a 717 through the whole flight in 30-40 minutes of cruising

We begin approaching Dulles in a busy evening

Landing on final Runway 01C (don’t know if this runway can be legal to realism)

Pretty rough landing since its the typical 717

In the sunset when we taxi to parking

Any that’s leg 2 for today tomorrow is last leg returning to Detroit in a American Airlines 737-800 and with the first Winglets, stay tuned


This is really cool. I like the vintage.

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Yep it looks kinda vintage at least the one who took pictures in the flight got an better camera even though it statics a little

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This was my favorite because it actually looks like it is raining.


Beautiful just landed there in the shiny 737-800.

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Yep, you’re fine. Runway 1C/19C is one of the main landing runways ar IAD along with runway 19L/1R.


@LuminousNate understandable have a nice day

@juan_tavares shiny 738? Like the American Airlines one (because the old livery doesn’t even shine like in the MD-11 and 772)

@Zhopkins Yep tried to look like it’s raining since we can’t bring like Photoshopped rain in this category


It was a delta livery and I had brightness up.

It actually looks like it’s raining without it raining, props to you! And great photos overall, @GameBoy_KIRB!