Lewis_M's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Status - CLOSED
Airport - EGCC
Server - Training Server
Frequency - Ground + Tower
Hello everyone, this is my ATC tracking thread in preparation for my IFATC practical test. I’d appreciate any feedback you can give me!


Thanks to everyone that came along! I’ll be opening again at ~19:00Z.

Hello! Nice job. But at the end the 360 and the slowest practical speed was unnecessary. I‘d have cleared me as number 1 and the other guy who didn‘t really understand everything extend upwind and number 2.

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In hindsight, I definitely should have extended upwind for the other guy as you say. Thank you very much for your feedback!

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Now open at MMMX, feel free to do some pattern work!

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Now open at EGCC!

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My Feedback

Callsign : G-0801
Zulu Time:14:22 - 15:11

-Transition was spot on
-Sequencing and pattern entry
-ground handling looked good too
-good response to freg change request

I think you are almost prepared for IFATC, I didnt see many mistakes. However I would like to point out few things that you can avoid next time.

-I reported my position twice intentionally to test you whether you will respond me with “Already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports” You responded with “roger” which was incorrect. Onces you clear pilots to land, they don’t need to report their positions. You can only respond with “roger” if pilots request “full stop landing”

-For a moment you were overcontrolling the situation. You called my base on my first pattern. You don’t need to do that unless you tell pilot “Ill call your base” which you didn’t. In the situation where pilots take their time to turn base or extend their downwind you can always change their landing sequence.

I think you had few sequences mixed up for 23R/23L, I gotta admit it does get under pressure once traffic builds up.

Just keep practicing…you are almost there. Great job!

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Thanks so much for coming along and the detailed feedback! It got really busy so I did get a bit confused on which aircraft were for 23L/R. Hopefully the actual test will be less hectic!

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