Lewis Hamilton's Challenger 600 (G-LCDH)

Lewis Hamilton has a very beautiful red Challenger 600 which would be amazing to fly in Infinite Flight!

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel he said he painted it red because he doesn’t like the look of “sad old white planes” at the airport. Definitely one of the nicest colour combos I’ve seen on a private jet!


This is a livery request, I have requested the actual Challenger 600 a couple months ago.
For the actual plane check out the thread below!


Very Nice!

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Almost as big as a CRJ200


I can just picture myself flying this in the London region! :)

Now there’s a plane that ATC can keep a constant visual on!

Some flashy livery! I absolutely love that red metallic paint.

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My eyes are hurting. 😲

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Absolutely love that livery! It would be awesome to see it comeing