I am new to IFC. How do I know what level I am? Also, how do I become an ATC on the expert server?
Thanks for any help,
Captain Sam

Well, the level, you can find it in the top right corner of the home screen, to join IFATC you have to meet the requirements.

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Here’s the link for the ATC…Read all info in it as itll be important for your jounreybon the way to IFATC


And here’s a couple of links for the way to find your Grade Table. Yhe firstborn is the way to find it and the second is the way to read it

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Thanks. At the top left corner nothing shows up. Does this mean I am not at a level yet?

Wow lots of information! Thanks so much!

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Currently you are a New User. Contribute a bit and you will be a Basic user in no time!


I’ll add onto Ballons a little with a couple more to read for you

What do user trust levels do

Welcome to the infinite flight community

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Just made it to basic! Thanks guys!


Thank The Mods ;)

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Congrats 🎈 soon (pretty long time depends on behavior ) you will be TL2 and be able to request things!

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