Levels on the ifc

Hey, I am a little confused about the ranking levels on the ifc, it says that you have to “enter 20 topics” now I think that means you have to enter it by replying to a topic but some other people I know think that it means that it means create 20 topics, could someone please explain what it means?

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The IFC requirements are different from the Discourse requirements. They are not shared publicly.

Stay active, like, and post regularly - you’ll get there in no time.


The requirements for the trust levels are not listed for a good reason, because if they were out for everyone to see, they would be easy to abuse. Wherever you got that 20 topics requirement from was inaccurate as again, the requirements are not public. Keep being active and give insightful topics and replies and contribute to the IFC positively overall and you will eventually level up your trust level.


Ohh ok, I thought it was the Discourse, thanks for the help


No problem! You may have gotten the default requirements by Discourse which most definitely is not the same as the IFC’s requirements for any level.

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Adding on from what was mentioned above, please take a look at this topic also:


Please take a look at the topic and replies above. Thanks for helping out guys!