Level Requirement for Posting Event

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I am the events coordinator for FDXVA and need to post an event. What level do I need to be and how can I get there as quickly as possible so that I can post an event today?

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Adam Macaulay

Just be active here like things and post helpful answers and you can in no time.
I think you need to be member (Trust Level 2) to post events😉


I’m TL2 and I can post in #live:events

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It was thrust level 2. I’m sorry😞
Thrust Level 2 means you need to be a member!

Here a link how thrust level works on Discorse:

Thank you very much for your help

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You’re now a basic user, so keep commenting, liking posts and vote! The most important thing is: be patient!

Goodluck buddy!

I have everything but the Topic Count, however I won’t just post 15 more topics for the heck of it. :) Gonna need to find some good things to post that don’t duplicate what others have already posted about.

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Don’t be too eager, it took me one month. You must me online everyday (on the community)

That topic does not reflect the requirements we have here. Those are the defaults for the Discourse platform, but ours are slightly different.

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Ah, where can I find those then?

I found them on the pinned post. Why are they wrong?😞

You can’t.
I posted a topic about this which is pinned in #meta :)

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The values are different, which the topic also states that it can be changed by community admins.

Thank you very much for this, I really appreciate it.


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