Level one Violation (Training Server)

I was flying from Zurich to Geneva and was keeping eye on speed and altitude. Then, I started sightseeing the beautiful Swiss mountains after climbing to 15,000. When autopilot started descending the plane, I was paying attention to scenes too much that, I forgot about plane speed and altitude and got level one violation. 🤦🏻‍♂️
I was doing sightseeing on plane instead of doing like what real pilots would do. 😂🤣

Did anyone experienced that?


Some pic of my flight :)


If you’re above 260kts below 10,000ft a warning comes up before you get a violation so you should’ve had time to decelerate.

I was flying over 345 Kts at 15,000
That is why I couldn’t decelerate to 250 Kts in time 🥲

Happens to the best of us!

Just move on and learn from it. :)
It’s a Level 1, so it’s a relatively light consequence. Just gotta pay close attention during climb and descent, which are critical stages of flight.

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345 isn’t exactly a suitable speed for the 77W in the first place. Mach 0.84 is around the speed you should be shooting for, which is approximately 315 IAS below 28000. Do keep in mind that the 777 is also very slippery when descending, so flight spoilers and a gradual reduction in speed are reduction to get to 250 by 10000.


Yeah. I am sharing this for fun :)
Thank you

done this TWICE, hopefully it doesnt happen again…

In this case you can deactivate the Autopilot and pull the plane up as much as possible. It will get slower than and you can climb over 10000ft very quickly

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The real pro tips ;)


The violation is a good price to pay for the stunning scenery!

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