Level one appeal

May I please have my three most recent level one violations. I feel asleep and woke up and boom three violations. So may I have them removed. It’s completely fine if not

Level 1 violations are not a huge deal. Usually they’re speed violations or something like that. Next time set an alarm or something if your going to do an overnight flight.

Yea ik but it’s just like aonnying. I started a flight just after school ended and I fell asleep out of no where

Hey so, level 1 vios will not be removed unless you can prove there was something wrong with the app to make it occur im afraid. It happens to the best of us. Don’t worry it’ll be gone in 7 days.



As has been mentioned above, Level 1 violations can not be removed unless it is an issue with the app.

As you mentioned previously, you feel asleep and then received the violations.

It is always best to ensure that you have reached your cruise altitude and autopilot is set up correctly in order to avoid this occurring again.

Your violations will be gone in 7 days from time of receiving them.

Thanks for the understanding!