Level of darkness during night flying

Currently flying over LEMD (Madrid time 22:08) and this ‘level’ of darkness is much better compared to others where its completely pitch black. When you alter the time to post 2am madrid time it gets darker but still visible and much better to what ive been used to when trying night flying. Is there a particular reason the darkness here seems ‘lighter’ + could this not be replicated globally on IF ?

my device brightness is only 1/3 of the way up here too! incredible.

It’s based on seasons. In real life you get these bright nights at certain times of the year, I always find these times for each country if I do decide to fly at night (rarely do though)


all nights on IF should be made bright nights

Well the night can become “brighter” if you just turn your screen brightness up if it bothers you.

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It’s current set up is realistic though. I would not advocate for all nights to be like this for that reason but I agree it’s much better to fly under those conditions. Makes for some relaxing flying!


95% of the time night flying on IF entails flying in pitch black no matter how much you increase the device brightness - a major downfall of IF currently.

i partly agree, however how dark the screen is 95% of the time during ‘night’ is terrible.

You have the moon illuminating the sky by the looks of it. This is the reason you see it as more bright.

When you’re in a place where the moon isn’t up, it will be dark as… well, something really dark as you don’t have any source of illumination.


I agree that it is a bit too dark for now, as we don’t have taxi lights, but sometimes I do enjoy it. Perhaps some kind of filter which can be turned on in settings is possible.


i see… thanks for this info :)

a filter to have the moon visible or not? light up the whole world :)

To make the whole world a bit brighter, as if the full moon is out.

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would be a great idea.

When its pitch dark in the night, I manually change the dates by adding or subtracting some days to get the full moon and therefore better ambient lighting. Same goes for the places near the Arctic that have almost no sunlight in the winters. Change the month to the summer months and voila!

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thanks for the tip zuhair will definitely be doing that to make night flying possible, wish i knew this earlier :)

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Well. If you want brighter nights, then maybe it is city lights that you are looking for? They would at least illuminate the ground I assume (in most places).

Taxiway lighting has been a requested feature for over 3yrs now and we are not going to see it being implemented any time soon. City lights I think would therefore fall into the same situation. Both would be incredible though don’t get me wrong! Just can’t see it happening on the platforms IF is available for

City lights, would probably be something that the scenery company does. As for taxi lights, they would be implemented by the devs, and city lights could be easier to implement.

City Lighting would be harder. Both have the difficulty of rendering a huge amount of lights, the only difference is the taxi lighting is already there, put in by the Airport Editing Team when they edit the airports, where as city lighting isn’t, and would require Same way to know where to light, or manually placing lights.

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