Level Change System (Or Specific Aircraft Type Equivalent)

Hi all!
So, I think this would be a nice feature in Infinite Flight: the system known on the B737 as “Level Change”.

What Is Level Change?
Level change is a system on the 737 - a lot of airliners have an equivalent - that will pitch to maintain the selected IAS or mach speed during climb and descent. It uses whatever thrust setting is currently applied to the engines, and changes the pitch (and therefore vertical speed) to climb/descend whilst still maintaining the selected speed.

Why Do We Need This In IF?
It is very useful for when you are approaching 10,000ft on descent and you need to reduce your speed to be below 250kts. In the sim currently, you need to wind down the speed window, then probably need to reduce your vertical speed and/or use speedbrakes to slow down. If we had level change, we would already have the system engaged for descent, we would simply wind down the speed window, and the plane will pitch up appropriately to slow the aircraft down.
It can also work as an amazing safety feature. It helps to prevent a stall. Say your climbing to cruise and you set your IAS to 280kts, and your VS to +2500fpm. But, you’re too heavy. Now, although you should be monitoring it, if you get distracted, the plane will focus on climbing at +2500fpm, not maintaining 280kts. You could stall because the airspeed gets too low (even with auto throttle). Like I said, you SHOULD be monitoring, but in that 1 in 1000 times you’re not, level change could help. If you decide to climb with level change which I think is the normal procedure, the plane will focus on maintaining 280kts, not the climb.

Does it mean I don’t have to monitor my flight during climb and descent? - absolutely NOT
Does it mean my flight will be easier, safer, and more realistic? - absolutely it WILL

So, although you can just disengage the autothrust and use your VS to not have the thrust lever firewall when you speed up, don’t you think level change would be easier and better? I sure do!

I searched for a topic like this and couldn’t find any. However, I was surprised that no one had requested this before. Sorry, if it is a duplicate.

So, what do you think? I think it will make IF so much more realistic. It could make flying so much easier, efficient, and enjoyable. I’m sure you’ll love this feature. So why not give it a vote? 🤷‍♂️

Thanks for checking out this request and I hope you like the idea!

Cool topic.

Remeber to vote for your feature! :)


Great request, you got my vote!


Interesting feature, love to see requests which add to the realism of IF!

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Thanks, Charlie!

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After version 20.1, there are two empty gaps on the MCP (autopilot menu). That would be a great place to put this!


i really agree,this brings help and comfort to manage speed during climb.I don’t want to adjust v/s.

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Yeah, it can be so fiddly trying to keep the speed/thrust around the same

Was just going to make the same feature request. It would fit in nicely next to the VNAV button. In can be FLC button.


yea yea i got my vote 🙄🦇

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What’s that, … flight level change? 🤔
But yeah, thanks for the bump too!

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I would like to correct myself here by saing that LVL CHG isn’t actually the normal system used for climb and descent, but is used frequently, can be used for the above purposes, etc. VNAV is used where possible, but currently VNAV in IF does not use the realistic 3° path, and can not climb, so this would be more realistic.

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you are correct

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just cleared a vote for this! absolutely needed.


Great! Thank you!

Voted! I always wanted this feature, it’s called level change on all modern boeing aircraft(except 717), open climb/descent on airbus aircraft and ias/mach hold on McDonnell Douglas aircraft (+ 717).

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Thanks you for the vote!

Bumping this because it is SOOO necessary to have this! Voted for it last year but hope to see a larger engagement with this feature!


Thank you!!! :)