Level A330-200

This would be a great livery if/when the A330 gets a rework.

For those who don’t know who Level are, look here:

just heard about them. TransAtlantic Low Cost, offers Barcelona Buenos Aires por 149 euros LOL


Yeah, they say that they will add more European cities to there route map as they expand. It’s super cheap though :)

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incredible cheap! u couldn’t get that flight for less than 800 euros! let’s hope they do well!

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Nice livery, no votes.
I probably speak for lots of people here

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I agree with you there

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They might do a bit too well for BAs liking. It may turn into a new battle between a no-frills airline and British Airways. This happened with easyJet so this will happen here aswell and IAG will basically consume itself.

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Hope it gets added, but this is a -200 not a -300

Haha! I thought you were meaning since when you fly the A330 it is not straight and level (the nose pitches down). So you are requesting for it to be level, when you are cruising 😂

Love the colors, the aqua painted wingtips are my favorite. Amazing livery!

New thread coming from @mbmhwue148

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