Level 4 acting like Level 1 on Training Server

I was handling Ground and Tower ATC at Sydney on the Training Server and was appalled by the behaviour of a Level 4 user. Let me explain what happend…

Finnair 27
Requests to Land at Runway 16R - while currently on right downwind

TOWER (me)
Instructs Finnair 27 to enter straight in Runway 16R when turned base and cleared to land, number 3, following traffic on final (Qatari 6)

Finnair 27 then cuts in front of Qatari 6, who is already on Final Approach , and he continues inbound

Instructs Finnair 27 to go around and enter straight-in after Qatari 6, as originally instructed, to avoid a collision. (airport is already very busy)

Finnair 27 continues inbound, ignoring instructions, even though asked on multiple occasions

Instructs Qatari 6 to maintain slowest practical speed, to avoid a collision.

Finnair 27 then, somehow, isn’t able to land, and announces that he is going around

Instructs him to go around, entering straight in , behind traffic on final (Qatari 6)

Finnair 27
Request to land at Runway 07

Denies request to land at Runway 07, as this particular runway is inactive due to wind conditions. Again instructs him to enter Runway 16R.

Finnair 27 ignores these instructions, continues inbound

has to instruct Qatari 6 to exit runway immediately to avoid collision.

Finnair 27 then exits the runway, request Taxi to Parking, which is approved.

He then turns around, request to taxi to Runway 16R.
He is then cleared to Taxi to 16R by myself.

Then he requests to cross runway 07 and after being approved,again, he requests to takeoff halfway down Runway 16R

After this point he just exited Live Mode.

Now I’m not a PRO at Flying, I’m only Level 3, neither am I an advance ATC controller, however don’t expect this kind of behaviour/flying by a LEVEL 4 user with 196hr’s of flight time. Sadly, I wasn’t able to ghost or report him, because of the server we were on, however wish I could’ve because it was truly unacceptable and something I would expect from a Level 1 User

Sorry for that rant, that just particularly annoyed me!


Grade 4 and yes many high grade players don’t like to follow rules and unfortunately you have to live with it on the training server


Just from first glance, you shouldn’t instructing him to enter straight in if he’s on right downwind. You should have sequenced at that point and even said ‘extend downwind’ or ‘I’ll call your base’ to sequence him behind the aircraft on final?

You also shouldn’t be clearing him to land at that point if he’s closer to the runway threshold than other aircraft on final. If you clear someone to land in visual conditions like that, they can technically fly straight at the runway. Because he was number 3 like that, you should’ve delayed your landing clearance to him, simply given the correct pattern instructions (which you didn’t give) and the sequencing of number 3. Then, once he’s on final, with appropriate spacing to aircraft ahead, cleared him to land (probably cleared to land number 2 by this time)

After giving the ‘go around’ instruction, again, you shouldn’t be instructing him to ‘enter straight in’ … The command should have been another ‘enter right downwind’ really?

‘Enter straight in’ is for aircraft doing exactly that, already flying straight in towards the airfield in the same direction as the active runway.


Well we can’t say “Welcome to the Playground” anymore, can’t we. 😉


Get your skills from there, contact a recruiter and become an Expert Server Controller, if you wanna have quality control time. I didn’t bother too long with the Training Server. Just used it to get familiar with the commands and trained with friends and my recruiter.

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