Level 3 violations for no reason ridiculous

Just got a level 3 violations at Leipzig for no reason I just landed in the new 777f DHL livery landed runway 8l had to cross 27l to get to the gates I asked for permission to cross runway was told to hold short I did that I guess a plane was taking off or something 5 minutes later the atc forgets about me and tells me to contact tower for some reason so I said request taxi to parking he said taxi to parking so I crossed the runway and guess what a plane was taking at the same time and crashed into me but I did not see the plane because I did not load in because my WiFi is bad but that not the point atc cleared me to taxi across the runway when a plane was taking off at the same time and I get a level 3 violation for no reason how ridiculous is that some ppl on atc expert sever should not be atc

Taxi to parking doesnt mean that you can cross the runway.


Please DM your controller.
You can find him by going back to your replay.

He could of said hold short of the rue show was I supposed to know a plane was gonna takeoff that’s bad atc

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Please contact the IFATC. However, if you crossed the runway without permission as you said, it will not be reversed.