Level 3 violation

Are you mad? I’m level five you give me a level three violation you tell me to write next taxiway and the right next taxi way, it is at the runway you didn’t double the right Dixie way. How are you mate? I am going😡😡😡

Contact directly your ATC and if you feel it not fair contact @ appeals

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do not make a thréad for complaining

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Hello there…

I can see you are pretty mad on your message but here a few tips to make it more…efficient

1st: Always better to contact you controller in DM than making a public thread
2nd: You can contact or add @ appeals to your DM if not satisfied
3rd: Stay kind and polite
4th: If you decide to make a public matter of this anyways, at least tag your controller bro…

So far to date, you message won’t help your violation record in that format

Sorry for your vio and good luck on DM / Appeals


How to be kind?
When I was Great five and now I am great too. How can I be so soft and kind I’m so very angry. He told me to tell the next taxi way. And the next taxi wait it was the wrong way how to give me this violation. it’s so crazy man, so crazy dude.

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See highlighted comment.