Level 3 violation

I just got a level 3 violation The ATC only gave me a heading and altitude but they didn’t give me a speed to fly at can someone help me

Did he give you an altitude?

Yes 6500 and heading was 430 I was literally nearing the airport

How was heading 430? Surely it is only 1-360. Maybe you muddled that up with speed?

You can follow this way:

As well as appeal the violation.

The heading was 230*


I am guessing by the wording and by the image that you want to find out more about your violation and possibly appeal it. You can do both by doing the following:

Contact your controller who gave you the violation to discuss it in more detail.


Appeal the violation by contacting @appeals please have the following available any screenshots or videos that can help your stance.

You also need to have your replay available. You can upload it using this website below:

Again please follow those steps above in order to reverse your violation or get more information as to why you were issued your level 3 violation.

Please contact the appeals team as mentioned above if you believe the violation issued was unjustified. Thank you!