Level 3 violation

Hello wish you a merry Christmas

So I have a problem i have completed all my level 3 violation in 365 days of cycle but in my account it still shows you have 1 level 3 violation .truth it is done I don’t know what is that error
And second error is it must be showing 5 life left because am grade 3 pilot . unfortunately it is showing 4

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Most times, if you start a flight then despawn, that should update your grade to what it should be.

On our end, it only shows you have 2 of those violations in a one year period. May you restart your app to see if that helps?

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The scene is last year I since November 5 to apriI 4
almost have total 6 violation maximum limit exceeded
4 = level 3 violation
2= level 2 violation
Now only 1 left that is 245 days
Still I hadn’t been removed

Yes only level 2 violations

Correct. Has the level 3 violation disappeared with the app restart?

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It works thanks .but why it is showing on on other side I have 4 life left .grade 3 pilots have 5 life left should not exceed more than 5

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May you elaborate for me please? I was able to quite understand the question

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That’s because for reaching Grade 4, you can only have 4 level 3 or level 2 violations in a year.

only for drummer

I’m pretty sure he means this @Drummer(green)

Ah thank you. Yes as grade goes up, the amount of violations that can be received goes down. The green means you meet that requirement while the orange means that requirement is not met yet

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I am talking about this

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Yeah grade 3 pilots have only 5 chances to have violations over a year

Grade 4 pilots can have only 4 violations per year

Actually I think I got it now. If you want to be at Grade 4 you are required to have a number under 4 vios. That is just showing you that you are okay with the requirement for being grade 4. You can have 5 violations now tho