Level 3 violation

Hello there. I do not know where to post a topic to contest a violation so please redirect my topic to the good place.
I was enjoying IFATC at SBGR this morning (going to LTFM), and as I had to takeoff quickly I executed a rapid taxi with my A359 straight to the runway (I was parked gate 209).
It is the night in IF and I had difficulties to estimate distances with the stop mark plus I was at 27kts so needed a long distance to stop.
When I finally stopped I realised my mistake and directly asked clearance for takeoff not to stay in this wobbly position. But I was immediately kicked out for entering a runway without permission.
Now letting you judge if I was really impeding traffic to pursue normally.

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Please PM @Cheryl_Tunt or @appeals


Hello ill pm you once I close or at my earliest convenience


Controller will PM you.