Level 3 violation

Airport: KEWR
Server: Expert
Plane: TBM930

just received a level 3 violation as soon as I was cleared to line up on runway 4L and just because I was trying to reach the threshold, NOT ROLLING FOR TAKEOFF, I was penalized.

I want take this opportunity to say that this new violation system or whatever its called is not well designed, specially if this sort unitended incidents happen, not everybody is a troll and pays the monthly subscription just to mess around, but apparently, some ATCs get power hungry and do not even warn or in this case just a “hold position” would’ve been enough.

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Hey there!

Can you go into your logbook and check to see what controller reported you?

I feel you. Contact the ATC and I’m the sure replay will speak for itself. at what speed were u lining up tho?


Feel free to send a PM to @ToasterStroodie to discuss your report. Controllers always love explaining and hearing both sides of the story. Best of luck! :)

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Ah, I was waiting for this one. I’ll PM you back.


Please continue in the PM with the controller.