Level 3 violation?

Wondering if someone could help :/ accidentally “went on the runway” when it was still yellow lines I was busy talking to my parent due to hospital appointments being cancelled…I didn’t have intentions to go on the runway but to turn left (whilst still on taxiway) then got a level 3 violation I looked behind me to see if I had done something else and I accidentally passed 2 hold short lines…this isn’t my fault as I was generally talking to one of my parents can someone help :/


Best thing to do is to contact @appeals, also have a replay ready.
You can share your replay to them via IFC thanks to This site

In addition, unfortunately policy is that violations are only removed if it was an app error or an ATC error. This unfortunately seems like pilot error I’m afraid. If you want though contact appeals as someone said above for more information on this. Best of luck to you! :)

Okay had to reject takeoff due to them talking to me aswell 😖

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But if they saw what I was doing (to report me) why didn’t they say hold pos or back taxi or soma ?

I was your controller. PM me.