Level 3 violation unjustified

Good morning,

I was inbound at OTHH with an A340 and the tower started to contact me because I didn’t saw that the frequency was active.
When I contact the frequency I was at 14000 ft instead of 5000 ft so @XY_MAGIC warned me by using the message « check tutorials for using ATC instructions ».
I decided to continue my descend because I know that for the last turn I will be stabilized for the ILS interception.
But the controller decide to give me a level 3 violation which I think is unjustified because he didn’t told me to make any actions for spacing. Altitudes used for the STAR approach are not maximum but minimum so I can be above if I want.

Can someone explain me this decision ? Because I don’t agree.

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Hey, First of all, pls dm me as it Is nothing for everyone here in the IFC


If you want I can invite another IFATC Member

I can dm you if you want but I see any issue

Which Issue?

Please send a message to @appeals via this link in case you feel that your violation was issued unfairly.
Make sure to add your replay to the message so we can help you out straight away.

If you just have a question about the report you can contact the controller for clarification.


Thank you @NJ24 for your explications I’m gonna discuss with the controller to understand.


Of here in the IFC but no problem I’m gonna contact you.

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