Level 3 violation not expiring

Hi. Back when I was a noob last year I got a lot of level 3 violations. It has now been 365 days (one year) and one of them is still there.

This one violation which was supposed to expire today is making me unable to play on expert server today, (especially when it’s military ATC day).

I read on another topic that you need to do a small flight and it should fix it. I did that and it is still there. Thank you!
Screenshots here

A short flight on any server should refresh your stats.

This time it’s 366 days as last year we had a leap year. It should go away tomorrow

Looking at the grade table thing on the user guide it shows 1 year so I would bet tomorrow it will go away

any flight, doesn’t have to be long, should solve that

To my understanding it would only be less than due to the leap year and should expire after 364 days then… (or 365) but I am sure I am thinking wrong

A leap year is 366 days not 364

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A short flight as in a takeoff, and landing? Does it need to be far? I just flew RIV-SBD (a 13.5 mile flight) and it didn’t change anything

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Yes, a leap year is 366 days which would mean, because of the extra day it should expire on day 364 or 365

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Violations expire after 1 year (not 365 days). The violation you’re inquiring about will expire one year from February 23, 2020.