Level 3 Violation isn't going

On the 9th of January at 15:23 Zulu, I got a Level 3 violation. I went down to grade 2 due to this. It was only for a week. Today, 17th of January, it is still there (8 days later). I am not sure when this will go now.

A quick flight on any server should do the trick, if not, try restarting your app.

If neither of those work, send a picture of your grade table, as you may have exceeded the 1 year maximum.


Check again please, if it’s still not gone then try a short flight like mentioned above.


Hey mate, I had this problem a couple of weeks ago, a quick flight will do the trick. BUT make sure you land and end the session properly otherwise it will not count.
I hope this helps!

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Thanks :) It helped

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