Level 3 violation help?

Hello I’m here as I’m a bit confused on why I got a violation at KASE as I was only looking to do pattern work I did before hand read that the airport was not allowing large aircraft which I had acknowledged and instead used a general aviation aircraft instead as I saw KASE had some mild traffic to do some pattern work practice and now can’t play expert server for a week could someone help cheers

Was the airport controlled by an IFATC member?


The best thing you can do is pm the ATC controller.

Edit: it was @Drummer so you can pm him just like he asked. :)

Hi I reported you. I’ll pm you


It was more than likely that an IFATC Supervisor reported you during the IFAE Event. Navigate to your logbook, find the person, and send a message to him/her.

Edit: @Drummer plays the drums

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Just to let you know, Aspen does not allow pattern work, its an in and out airport meaning you have to depart from one side and arrive the other.

This is because you ignored the TFR that said nothing size-wise above a CRJ-900 is authorized in Aspen.

Guys I’ll handle the pm. We don’t need to explain why he was reported here

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@Pingu :)

Handled via PM