Level 3 Violation given out unfairly

I’ve just received a Level 3 violation. Why, you may ask?

I was at LPMA and I was backtaxiing. I say on Unicom

“Madeira Unicom, 8P-BGI is taking off Runway 05, departing north.”

When I get to the touch down zone, ATC then joins and immediately reports me for Level 3.

I don’t know if it’s an internet issue, but if it wasn’t, there should have been something to let the users know that something was happening.

I don’t know if i can appeal this, thanks

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Please contact @appeals to discuss and appeal the violation. Thanks!


it’s my first time doing this. do i send them screenshots or my replay

Further instructions will be provided upon first contact with the @appeals team, but you will be required to send your replay.


To add on to Thunderbolt and for future reference, take a look at this topic here.


Handling in appeals. Thanks all!