Level 3 violation at EGLL

I have just received a level 3 violation whilst flying into EGLL on the expert server just now by the approach controller!!! I followed his instructions and so I’m unsure why I have received this violation???

Hello there the approach controller at the time was @XuanyanYe feel free to pm him about your report.


You can contact controller on DM via IFC. his name would be on log book. If you are unsatisfied with his answer you can rise an appeal.


For more help visit :-


The IFC username of the controller that reported you was on the screen about the violation on the “reported by” line at the bottom. If you didn’t catch that, you can check it in your grade table by going settings → Account → View Stats → Show violation history and you should see the name there. After that, contact @ appeals in a PM with your replay, good way to share it is sharemyinfiniteflight.com