Level 3 Violation Appeal

Hello, I’ll be short.
My call sign is Agony.
At 18:09 Z , 19 minutes ago, today 9/10/2020
I received a level 3 Violation I would like to appeal. I was approaching runway 10R at KORD, and had connection problems while executing an ILS Approach, and so I transmitted Execute Missed Approach, and proceeded to go around, and received a level 3 violation. Now I believe I wasn’t in the wrong, but if I did touch down, it was due to connection issues. I didn’t stop, and take back off. This is a little unfair and frustrating because I just paid 10 dollars to renew my subscription to fly on the expert server on my day off work. Now I’m kicked off for a week on expert. Can you please remove this violation as it was not dangerous technically, all runway landing are clear for approach and departure in the event that an aircraft must execute missed approach. Please help me clear this violation!

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Hello there @lukehkidd

Sorry to hear. If you can contact @appeals that would be great. Please be prepared to share your replay. Additionally, look in your logbook to see what controller reported you.



Connection errors are a reason to have a report repealed. You can mention the controller who reported you and he/she will contact you. You can use this directory to help find the controller.

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You can contact your controller or @appeals, I always contact my controller first, and if I think he/she is making a mistake I’ll then contact appeals.

You can upload your replay to sharemyinfiniteflight.com and then share the link of the replay.

The issue has since been solved (2 days ago) and there’s no need to add on anymore…