Level 2 violation

So 1 day a go I got a level 2 violation
I accidentally taxing in to a aircraft so I want to ask after 365 days will all my violations go

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After 365 days each violation will go away.

So date issued + 365 days

Ok thanks for help

Do I have 2 years 365 days violation

So it looks like you can be back on the expert server on November 27, 2022



I’ve had 5 warnings this weekend, 2 of which are level 3… I am also disappointed in 2 years that I am flying now. I feel for you.

I do respond but the speed of the plane does not go back faster


Tanks for helping me @Josh_Suarez and @Haribo


I agree with you


Add flaps and spoilers if you need to slow down fast.

and gear if its urgent

this is something pilots do

Pitching up also rapidly reduces your speed albeit gaining lift and possibly altitude but if you’re in a descent, it’s a way to trade speed for a lower descent rate

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