Level 2 violation


Hi Namir! I just received a level 2 violation. I was Air France 1122 on approach into runway 27R (EGGL). You said I was aligned with wrong runway. Yes, I do agree with that but I was using NAV1 and the APPR feature. The APPR caused me to make a hard left and then hard right. My APPR always does this and I get super mad. I’m not trying to appeal, I’m new to the server and would just like some help when using APPR and ILS approach into a semi busy airport. Sorry 😢

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I recommend sending the controller a PM and they will be able to assist you further.

If you are looking to appeal the violation you can contact the appeals team, but I know above you said you weren’t planning to appeal.


Just watch this tutorial made by infinite flight. If you’re doing something wrong, this will correct it. Autoland (APPR) Tutorial - YouTube

Hi. Is this something I could appeal. It wasn’t to major because I stayed within the runways approach diagram.

You can certainly appeal it if you wish. Best bet is to send a message to @ appeals (without the space) and they will be able to review and assist further.


I will respond in DM in a couple min, just finishing off my session!

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No problem 😊

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Handling via dm