Level 2 violation removal?

How do I get a level 2 violation removed?

Just add @appeals to your PM and they will help you sort it out.

Don’t forget to share your replay.

Contact a Moderator or @appels, They will ask you for a replay of what happened and a brief description.

Depending on what happened, they will decide if the infraction is withdrawn, it will not remain.

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How did you get a level 2 violation?

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Mostly not following instruction on atc controlled area or u get reported by a mod or IFATC on expert

Or he was confused and got reported for it. Or he could have been doing a night flight and was at cruising then went to sleep then a center controller sent him an OGW and he didn’t contact because he was asleep. These are all possibilities. But i don’t sit here and automatically blame the pilots. Pilots can become victims of these ATC controllers and it is really annoying. You spend like 8 hours trying to get to a destination just to have your plane crashed by a few clicks of a button. I have been a victim of that so many times. But there were other times where I deserved them. I do not fly on the Expert server for that exact reason. Don’t get me wrong some pilots do deserve it. Getting the level 2 or 3 violation is not always directed towards pilots. And should not be all directed to ATC. It really depends on the situations. Thats why they have appeals. And i am sure we wouldnt have this many ATC problems if we just had 3-4 controllers doing the 5 frequencies instead of having 2 comtrollers doing so much at once. And honestly we should have a report system for the ATC controllers and a vote system. ATC could send a report and all of the pilots in that frequency vote to get kicked or stay.

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Contact @appeals as earlier mentioned for assistance