Level 2 violation for following atc instructions?

So i was on final on runway 25R at Jakarta Soekarno Hatta airport and i was cleared to land for the runway when i noticed that he cleared another plane at runway 24 so we were close but i didnt go around cuz i was turning left already and we were not on a collision course I assumed and suddenly i was disconnected for “not following atc instructions”. Somebody explain. And i was told when i was on approach to enter left downwind rwy 25r

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The best thing to do is to contact your controller for their reasoning behind his.
You can check your violation history on the application and note the name of your controller, then send them a PM on here.

As we weren’t there with you, only your controller can best explain things to you.

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The best thing is contact your ATC, he will help you to understand what exactly happened and what was his intention when giving you the lvl 2 violation or @appeals

Hm okay im new on the community forum how do i pm a controller?

Ok okay i will do that. Thanks for the help

You go on his profile and click “message”, do you remember his name?

I gotta go to replays to find his name right?

If you don’t remember then you do this

Yes i found his name so i gotta go to @appeals right?

No, you could, but it’d be best to message your controller first to get his/her point of view.
If both of you agree that it should be reversed, then @ appeals can be contacted to reverse it, as (most) IFATC controllers don’t have the power to reverse violations.

However if both of you have differing views…still, go to @ appeals to work it out.

What time did this happend at because I may know the controller

You already have a PM to appeals and we are already communicating.